Why We Do What We Do

Canna Ventures is a full-service branding and marketing agency that has done national attitudinal research that has defined 4 audience segments. That means we not only know what segments to target, but how to make them your customers.

Brand Development

We help clarify and align what you stand for with what your customers want. Then we bring it to life with a logo, tagline and more.

Research & Consulting

Know who your best customers are and what they want, right now. Other firms will tell you what consumers did. We tell you why.

Print & Digital Advertising

Your brand story needs to be visible where your consumers are. Our senior level media group ensures your story will make an impression that gets results.

Creative & Design

Every brand has a story to tell and we do that with unique and memorable work. Our creative and design services bring your story to life in an emotionally compelling way.

Social Media

Connect directly with consumers right now. We develop creative and data-driven social media strategies so brands can utilize the platform effectively.


Your website is your digital storefront, and it’s always “open”. We build websites that are user-friendly and optimized for search engines.


We are a seasoned and hard-working team with years of marketing success. We know how to get sh*t done and that we’re only successful when our clients achieve their goals.

Meet Our Team


At Canna Ventures  we base all of our strategic and tactical marketing recommendations on known consumer insights and our client’s stated goals.

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Canna Ventures offers an unmatched knowledge of the canna consumer and understanding how to make them your customers.


Eric Layland

Founder / Principal

Dorota Umeno

Principal / Account Manager

Mike Jaglois

Chief Brand Architect

Pat Scanlon

Chief Operating Officer

Zoe Huden

Chief Content Strategist

Kora Minton

Media Director

As science nerds we entrusted CannaVentures to facilitate in making our vision a reality. The cannaventures team delivered industry expertise, collaborated with us to refine our strategies, and met every timeline.

Nicholas Balzer & Robert RyanQC Infusion

Thank you for harnessing a group of passionate and spirited folks and distilling things into the updated brand platform. I read through it a few times because I really feel like this is my baby and I think you nailed it. What I really love is that you can see all of us in these melded and purified statements, a testament to our united team and vision.

Jim Irwin, Jr.Maru Farms