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Expert Guest Post: Cannabis Websites – Is Your Site Compliant?

By | Cannabis Websites

There are a host of challenges for cannabis companies with regard to compliance. But let’s go ahead and add one more to the list—your website.

In California for example, cannabis businesses are prohibited from making any false or misleading advertising claims, which extends to the content on your website. This includes any claims interpreted to be based on clinical evidence, as well as any statement comparing your product’s effectiveness to that of other brands or products.

In general, cannabis companies must take greater care to ensure that:

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Brand Activism™ Checklist for Cannabis Brands

By | Cannabis Branding

The realization I’ve come to over the years is that these brand documents are intellectual exercises that fail to excite the heart, and, as a result, are a waste of time. We know a better way. It’s called Brand Activism™.

The simple fact is that a brand document has to get the heart pumping, and the reason we developed Brand Activism™. It’s intent is to give life to your brand by identifying and then leveraging that core spark that ignites passion within both the company and your consumers.

Brand Activism™ brings your vision to life, because it’s your vision – the reason you started the company in the first place– where the true power of the brand resides. And the final brand document – what we call the Brand Platform – serves as a fuse that, when lit, is the strategic foundation that powers your brand to long-term success.

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How to Advertise on Google – Tips for Cannabis Businesses

By | Cannabis Advertising

So you’re trying to run AdWords ads for your cannabis brand and want to know how to do that? I won’t lie. It isn’t easy. And as consultants who have been running ads on Google AdWords starting back when those were on cuneiform on clay tablets – it feels that long ago – for all kinds of products and services, trying to do the same for our cannabis clients – and ourselves – can be a challenge. We’ve blogged about it before. That post has been getting a lot of traffic, which confirms that it’s a pain point for many of our compatriots in the cannabis industry. We thought it was time for an update.

And as a bonus, we thought we would share some tips and tactics we have found to occasionally get you past the Google Police.

jim carrey GIF by O&O, Inc

Finally, we’ll share a couple fall back options for when it just will not work for you on Google, but you want digital presence with acceptable ROI.

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Google Tools for Cannabis Businesses – Beyond AdWords

By | Cannabis Advertising, Cannabis Marketing

Marketers in the cannabis industry have an interesting environment in which to work. The product is in demand and audiences want to learn more, but most of the channels for connecting and developing an audience are off limits. Within the Google marketing ecosystem we’re specifically referring to Google AdWords. As much as Google disgust us with their advertising policies and removal of cannabis related search information, there are still options that marketers should consider to leverage Google’s power to build an audience. With that in mind here are five FREE (!!!) Google tools to build your brand’s audience and connect with customers.

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An Alternative Way to Celebrate Trump’s Impeachment

When the majority of America and the world are celebrating Trump’s impeachment, many will be choosing champagne to do so. We feel cannabis smokers needed an option as well.

Who Will Bring Him Down: The Women, The Feds, or The Felons?

Root for your pick with your purchase! We’ll keep a tally of who is selling out the best on our website. All proceeds will go toward the next impeachment of president 46, Mike Pence!

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B2B Cannabis Branding Short Guide

By | Cannabis Branding

In its simplest terms, branding is having the courage to stand for something, ensuring, of course, that the target market both wants it and, preferably, is not currently getting it. This is the basis for a long-term relationship that the most successful brands understand connects on both a rational – “I want it because of what it does” – and emotional – “I want it because of how it makes me feel” – basis.

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In moving between the B2C and B2B product categories, I’m always struck by the B2B marketing contention that connecting with their consumers on an emotional basis is not only irrelevant, but virtually impossible. They invariably tell me the basis for purchase is 100% rational as the products being purchased are simply widgets that fulfill some functional duty that it either does better or more cheaply. That’s wrong and an opportunity for these marketers’ competitors, and I want to explain why.

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PRESS RELEASE: Advanced Data Science Services for the Cannabis Industry

By | Press Release

Successful series of studies on the Cannabis Consumer results in pioneering strategic partnership to deliver Fortune-500-caliber market insights.

SEATTLE, WA March 20, 2018 – Seattle-based Canna Ventures and Cascade Strategies, Inc., have formalized a partnership to deliver advanced data science, sophisticated analytics and market research services to the emerging cannabis industry.

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Content Marketing Guide for Cannabis Businesses

By | Cannabis Advertising, Cannabis Businesses, Cannabis Marketing, Cannabis Websites, Social Media for Cannabis Businesses

Content Marketing Guide Graphic 1
Starting with the content strategy, it’s important to first define what your content needs and goals are. If you’re not sure what your content needs and goals are, we recommend conducting a thorough content audit. A content audit includes a reader intent and performance analysis of your current website, blog, and social media content. Once you define the intent of each piece of content on your website, blog and social media, you can then determine how successful each piece has been at achieving its desired goals.

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Finding the Right Agency for Your Cannabis Business

By | Cannabis Advertising, Cannabis Branding, Cannabis Businesses, Cannabis Marketing

Finding “the one” is hard, especially if you’ve never worked with an agency before. And hey, maybe working with an agency isn’t for you and your business. That’s okay. We just hope this blog post can help answer some of the more common questions that arise for cannabis businesses considering hiring an agency.

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Sexy vs. Sexist Cannabis Advertising

By | Cannabis Branding, Cannabis Market Research, Cannabis Marketing

Picture the scene… It is CannaCon, a respectable B2B cannabis industry tradeshow in Denver, Colorado. I am walking and talking with Morgan, at the time President of the MJBA, later Founder and CEO of the Cannabis Women’s Alliance. We were discussing what topics we should discuss on an upcoming panel about the role of women in the cannabis industry we were both participating in that afternoon. All of a sudden, we both stop in our tracks at the sight of a nearly naked, black leather thong and biker jacket clad woman appearing to sit on some heavy machinery.

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