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Mike Jaglois

A Lesson for Luxury Cannabis Brands from the Bath & Beauty Industry

By | Cannabis Branding, Cannabis Marketing

I was once VP Marketing for a retail chain in the bath and beauty category. We started in Seattle and grew to over 300 stores nationally, with comp sales increasing as much as 60% over the previous year.  We had a successful public offering and the sales growth continued. I truly thought I’d found the place to spend the rest of my career.

Then, it all hit the proverbial fan and today the company no longer exists. I believe what happened to that brand then, is a real lesson for all cannabis brands and marketers today.

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Brand Activism™ Checklist for Cannabis Brands

By | Cannabis Branding

brand activism
The realization I’ve come to over the years is that these brand documents are intellectual exercises that fail to excite the heart, and, as a result, are a waste of time. We know a better way. It’s called Brand Activism™.

The simple fact is that a brand document has to get the heart pumping, and the reason we developed Brand Activism™. It’s intent is to give life to your brand by identifying and then leveraging that core spark that ignites passion within both the company and your consumers.

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B2B Cannabis Branding Short Guide

By | Cannabis Branding

In its simplest terms, branding is having the courage to stand for something, ensuring, of course, that the target market both wants it and, preferably, is not currently getting it. This is the basis for a long-term relationship that the most successful brands understand connects on both a rational – “I want it because of what it does” – and emotional – “I want it because of how it makes me feel” – basis.

Willy Wonka

In moving between the B2C and B2B product categories, I’m always struck by the B2B marketing contention that connecting with their consumers on an emotional basis is not only irrelevant, but virtually impossible. They invariably tell me the basis for purchase is 100% rational as the products being purchased are simply widgets that fulfill some functional duty that it either does better or more cheaply. That’s wrong and an opportunity for these marketers’ competitors, and I want to explain why.

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The New Bottom Line for Cannabis Consumers

By | Cannabis Advertising, Cannabis Branding, Cannabis Market Research, Cannabis Marketing

Once upon a time, not really that long ago, commerce was relatively simple: you made a product and, hopefully, people bought it and you made money. Consumers based their purchase on product utility: did they need it and would they use it? They certainly didn’t give much thought about the company in terms of what it stood for, who was running it, what its religious or political beliefs were, or whether it shared the same values they had. They understood that companies were in business to make and sell products, and people either bought it or didn’t.

It was simple, really.

That’s how it was for decades.

Then, along came the Internet and everything changed.

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The 5 Rules of Building a Brand for Cannabis Businesses

By | Cannabis Branding, Cannabis Businesses, Cannabis Market Research

Before all is said and done, and you’re about to layout a roadmap for your canna brand, I believe there are five rules in building a brand you should know and, hopefully, follow.  I’ve listed them in order of importance, as follows, and while the rules are relevant for any-size company, I’ve written them from the perspective of the start-up or smaller company, which we meet more often in this new category.

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Consumer Research & Marijuana Brands: Finding Your Customers

By | Cannabis Branding, Cannabis Market Research


Do You Really Know Who Your Customer Is?

Whenever I hear a client say, generally with great conviction, “I know my customer,” my heart freezes, because, much too often, it’s related to his own less than objective perceptions, anecdotes from his sales people, or what the spouse says. But, you really cannot build your business on hearsay and assumptions. So, I ask one simple question: When is the last time you talked to your customer?

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Marijuana Branding: How to Craft a Brand Story

By | Cannabis Advertising, Cannabis Branding, Cannabis Businesses, Cannabis Marketing


Every Brand Tells a Story

This rings true not only intuitively – it feels right – but has been corroborated from the extensive consumer research I’ve done over the years. People constantly look for cues from your product, packaging and messaging that tells them your brand story.  They want or even need to know what your brand story is so they can understand on an gut level if you fit with their sense of themselves, or if you don’t.  And they purchase accordingly.

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Marijuana Branding: What is a brand?

By | Cannabis Branding, Cannabis Businesses

What is a brand? It seems everyone has their own definition, and I have mine. It’s sometimes easiest to say what it isn’t, especially in an area where there appears to be the most confusion, so here goes – a brand is not a name, logo or package design. These are important, of course, but are really outward reflections of what the brand is rather than embodying its core essence.

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