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Zoe Huden

Cannabis Packaging Checklist & Resources

By | Cannabis Branding

california cannabis packaging guidelines
From legal requirements to ensuring you have cohesive brand messaging, there are wide range of considerations that go into designing cannabis packaging. The following is a short list of the most important design considerations as well as a cannabis advertising and packaging and labeling resources for cannabis businesses.

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impeach cannabis

An Alternative Way to Celebrate Trump’s Impeachment

When the majority of America and the world are celebrating Trump’s impeachment, many will be choosing champagne to do so. We feel cannabis smokers needed an option as well.

Who Will Bring Him Down: The Women, The Feds, or The Felons?

Root for your pick with your purchase! We’ll keep a tally of who is selling out the best on our website. All proceeds will go toward the next impeachment of president 46, Mike Pence!

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Content Marketing Guide for Cannabis Businesses

By | Cannabis Advertising, Cannabis Businesses, Cannabis Marketing, Cannabis Websites, Social Media for Cannabis Businesses

Content Marketing Guide Graphic 1
Starting with the content strategy, it’s important to first define what your content needs and goals are. If you’re not sure what your content needs and goals are, we recommend conducting a thorough content audit. A content audit includes a reader intent and performance analysis of your current website, blog, and social media content. Once you define the intent of each piece of content on your website, blog and social media, you can then determine how successful each piece has been at achieving its desired goals.

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Cannabis Brand Opportunities with “California Idealists”

By | Cannabis Market Research, Recreational Cannabis

cannabis consumer segment
In two national surveys designed to uncover American attitudes toward cannabis, legalization and development of cannabis brands, we uncovered a unique subculture of Americans who strongly support legalizing recreational-use marijuana, but do not expect to purchase cannabis or engage with cannabis brands.

Except in California, home to a historically bolder and experimental population in which this demographic emerges as a strong potential cannabis consumer base.

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2017 Cannabis Sales Trends to Watch

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washington cannabis sales vs price

2016 was an unforgettable year for the cannabis industry. Four new states legalized recreational use of marijuana by adults (including the mammoth, California); while another four legalized the use of medical marijuana. Meanwhile, sales in the states that had already legalized cannabis reached nearly $7 billion, an astronomical figure. With more opportunity in new states and the industry continuing to grow in mature in other states, experts expect to see tremendous growth once again in 2017.

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Oregon Cannabis Sales 2016 Recap

By | Cannabis Sales Data, Oregon Cannabis Industry | No Comments

Oregon 2016 cannabis sales infographic

A Look Back at the Oregon’s Cannabis Industry in 2016

2016 was a solid year for the cannabis industry in Oregon. Data provided by the state’s Department of Revenue indicates legal marijuana generated significantly more tax revenue for the state than expected, at just over $54 million. This revenue came despite some strict regulations that were expected to hamper Oregon’s recreational marijuana far more than it did.

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5 Scary Website Mistakes to Avoid

By | Cannabis Marketing, Cannabis Websites

The digital space is an extremely important channel for businesses today, especially businesses in the cannabis industry. Your website is really your digital storefront so to speak; in many cases it’s the first (or only) touch point many of your customers have with your business.

And because it’s almost Halloween, we thought it may be helpful to explain the importance of having a good website by using some favorite scary movies and shows to help illustrate some common mistakes:

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