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Cannabis Advertising

Targeting the Cannabis Industry on LinkedIn

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While you can’t market cannabis products on LinkedIn, B2B marketers in other industries still have the option to target marijuana and cannabis related businesses. LinkedIn will allow you to run pay per click online ads to this audience. You just need to know where to look.

Here are 4 ways you can find an audience using LinkedIn Ads

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Marijuana Branding: How to Craft a Brand Story

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Every Brand Tells a Story

This rings true not only intuitively – it feels right – but has been corroborated from the extensive consumer research I’ve done over the years. People constantly look for cues from your product, packaging and messaging that tells them your brand story.  They want or even need to know what your brand story is so they can understand on an gut level if you fit with their sense of themselves, or if you don’t.  And they purchase accordingly.

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Mary Jane’s Dictionary: How Marijuana Slang Informs Advertising

By | Cannabis Advertising

marijuana slang definition
Marijuana culture enjoys a history of slang and alternative word usage, which will assuredly come into play once advertising really ramps up on the new industry. If you’d like a quick primer, here is an excellent place to begin.

Blazin’ a Trail with Marijuana Slang

If asked to create a list of terms to describe marijuana, the average person would have no trouble at all thinking of pot, weed, joint, spliff, roach and any number of words that call up an instant image of the product.

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Forget Edibles, Drinkables are the New Hot Product

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cannabis drinkables

Drinkables have emerged onto the legal marijuana product scene in a big way. Despite some recent, literal explosions on the market the user-friendly method of imbibing marijuana has taken first Colorado, then Washington by storm.

A Bevy of Beverages

Lemonades, fruit juices, coffees and sodas have joined the cadre of caramels and trail mixes to give canna consumers a new way to relax. The infused-drinks are mostly made by grinding marijuana and then letting the concoctions stew until the desired potency is reached. Of course, Washington restrictions maintain that a serving cannot exceed 10 milligrams of THC.

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Ad-Wise: Know the Rules for Marijuana Marketing & Advertising

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Like liquor before it, marijuana marketing has many restrictions. It took the Washington State Liquor Control Board quite a while to finalize the rules for 502 implementation and part of that was figuring out just how far marijuana businesses could go in selling their wares to an eager public. Now that the state has begun distributing licenses and businesses get rolling, let’s take a look at some of the basic and some of the more obscure elements of advertising for retail marijuana.

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Marijuana Advertising: Growing New Roots from a Muddy Past

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Marijuana users and advertising to them has existed as an open secret for a very long time, but that hasn’t stopped it evolving into a force which will continue to change. In the past year, the appearance of the first cable-broadcasted marijuana commercial and the first New York Times ad for marijuana have brought a larger conversation about the history and future of marijuana advertising.

A Medicinal History

leafly NYT cannabis print ad

Medical marijuana led the charge of legalization in America and it also provided most of the early forms of advertisements. Before the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 made possession illegal, doctors, pharmacists and merchants touted the medicinal properties of pot in every form available. From matchbooks to in-store standing displays, distributors sold cannabis based on its pain relief and calming affects.

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Canna Ventures Launches Groundbreaking Survey on Cannabis/Marijuana Branding

By | Cannabis Advertising, Cannabis Branding, Cannabis Market Research, Cannabis Marketing, Recreational Cannabis

Canna Ventures has launched a groundbreaking new study on marijuana branding in the US. It is scheduled for release in early October 2014. This survey doesn’t simply retrace the familiar knowledge about adoption and usage. While valuable in its appropriate realm, such insights have been publicized by many other survey organizations. Instead the survey is designed to show the shape of “ideal marijuana brand,” as reported from consumers. It will serve as an important guideline to developing marijuana brands in the states that have already approved recreational use, as well as states that soon will.

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