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Cannabis Businesses

The 5 Rules of Building a Brand for Cannabis Businesses

By | Cannabis Branding, Cannabis Businesses, Cannabis Market Research

Before all is said and done, and you’re about to layout a roadmap for your canna brand, I believe there are five rules in building a brand you should know and, hopefully, follow.  I’ve listed them in order of importance, as follows, and while the rules are relevant for any-size company, I’ve written them from the perspective of the start-up or smaller company, which we meet more often in this new category.

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Targeting the Cannabis Industry on LinkedIn

By | Cannabis Advertising, Cannabis Businesses, Social Media for Cannabis Businesses

While you can’t market cannabis products on LinkedIn, B2B marketers in other industries still have the option to target marijuana and cannabis related businesses. LinkedIn will allow you to run pay per click online ads to this audience. You just need to know where to look.

Here are 4 ways you can find an audience using LinkedIn Ads

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Marijuana Branding: How to Craft a Brand Story

By | Cannabis Advertising, Cannabis Branding, Cannabis Businesses, Cannabis Marketing


Every Brand Tells a Story

This rings true not only intuitively – it feels right – but has been corroborated from the extensive consumer research I’ve done over the years. People constantly look for cues from your product, packaging and messaging that tells them your brand story.  They want or even need to know what your brand story is so they can understand on an gut level if you fit with their sense of themselves, or if you don’t.  And they purchase accordingly.

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Marijuana Branding: What is a brand?

By | Cannabis Branding, Cannabis Businesses

What is a brand? It seems everyone has their own definition, and I have mine. It’s sometimes easiest to say what it isn’t, especially in an area where there appears to be the most confusion, so here goes – a brand is not a name, logo or package design. These are important, of course, but are really outward reflections of what the brand is rather than embodying its core essence.

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Who Are Your Customers? Unmasking Marijuana Consumers

By | Cannabis Businesses, Cannabis Market Research, Cannabis Marketing

cannabis brands research 2014 report creative
There is a myriad of negative stereotypes many of those in mainstream culture use to describe marijuana consumers.  The truth is, there is no one type of person who smokes or eats or vapes marijuana. Marijuana consumers are an extremely diverse group of people, which can make finding the target audience for your particular marijuana product, that much more difficult.

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How WA State Plans to Spend Collected Marijuana Taxes

By | Cannabis Businesses, Cannabis Industry Taxes, Washington Cannabis Industry

It’s one thing to explain to consumers why marijuana costs so much and another to tell them where that money will go.

With the passing of Initiative 502, the state dictated that three new 25 percent excise taxes will be placed on each of the three levels of marijuana licensed businesses: producers, processor and retailers. This could give some wary customer a little as to the why their legal pot costs $840 an ounce, but it might also help to explain how the state plans to spend that money.

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Forget Edibles, Drinkables are the New Hot Product

By | Cannabis Advertising, Cannabis Businesses, Cannabis Sales Data, Recreational Cannabis

cannabis drinkables

Drinkables have emerged onto the legal marijuana product scene in a big way. Despite some recent, literal explosions on the market the user-friendly method of imbibing marijuana has taken first Colorado, then Washington by storm.

A Bevy of Beverages

Lemonades, fruit juices, coffees and sodas have joined the cadre of caramels and trail mixes to give canna consumers a new way to relax. The infused-drinks are mostly made by grinding marijuana and then letting the concoctions stew until the desired potency is reached. Of course, Washington restrictions maintain that a serving cannot exceed 10 milligrams of THC.

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Anti-prohibition: Top 5 Arguments to Keep Pot Legal

By | Cannabis Businesses, Cannabis Politics, Recreational Cannabis

Not everyone voted for Initiative 502. A full 44 percent of the Washington population checked ‘no’ on the ballot that brought us legalized pot. Many believe legalizing marijuana will destroy the county, children, everything! However, a variety of compelling arguments exist on the other side of that debate, beyond the desire to get high.

cannabis legalization

Here are a few reasons why keeping pot legal could benefit Washington, its children, everything!

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Marijuana Producers: Keep the Cannabis Carbon Footprint Low!

By | Cannabis Businesses, Cannabis Politics

marijuana producers carbon footprint

Staying green may prove difficult for budding marijuana producers, but we found a few tips to lessen the load on Mother Nature.

The state hired the Botec Analysis Corporation out of Berkeley, CA in early 2013 to evaluate the environmental impact of legalizing recreational marijuana production. Botec produced a long study which shed some light on how production might affect the state’s carbon footprint.

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Branding Bud: Some Do’s and Don’ts for Developing a Brand

By | Cannabis Branding, Cannabis Businesses, Cannabis Market Research, Recreational Cannabis

With new recreational marijuana businesses comes the new practice of branding the product itself. Though back-alley sellers have advertised their marijuana for years, the beginning of a legal market opens up the process to the enjoyment, and the scrutiny, of the public at large. So, let’s talk about some of the ways of developing a brand that’s a viable competitor in this brave new world, without cheapening credibility or perpetuating the stoner stereo type.

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