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Medical Cannabis

Get a Glimpse of Our Most Revealing Cannabis Consumer Report Yet!

By | Cannabis Branding, Cannabis Market Research, Medical Cannabis, Recreational Cannabis

In our third deep dive into attitudinal segmentations of Americans’ perception of cannabis, we surveyed residents in three specific groups of U.S. states: states where cannabis is not legal in any form, states where it is legal for medicinal purposes, and states where recreational use has been legalized. Through these reports we sought to track and understand what people like about cannabis, how they use it, and how they perceive the marketing efforts of brands in the cannabis industry.

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2015’s Cannabis Recap: The Death of the “Stoner”

By | Cannabis Politics, Medical Cannabis, Recreational Cannabis

There’s no denying that 2015 was a monumental year for cannabis, and that the major events of this past year will have an enormous impact on the economic markets, as well as the cultural significance of, legal cannabis for years to come. Here’s a brief summary of a few of the headline catching events of 2015, and how they might affect us all in the year to come.

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Legalization Status in the U.S.: Who Wants to Join the Party?

By | Cannabis Politics, Medical Cannabis, Recreational Cannabis

Washington has led the pack with legalization of recreational marijuana — and it looks like the trend will continue.
cannabis legalization in the U.S.

Moving towards legalization

The road to the present growing cultural acceptance has been bumpy, but straight. Currently, 23 states have enacted a medical marijuana law, allowing a variety of consumption methods for those needing cannabis to overcome physical ills.

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Canna Ventures’ Marijuana Branding Survey: Initial Findings

By | Cannabis Branding, Cannabis Market Research, Cannabis Marketing, Medical Cannabis, Recreational Cannabis

Canna Ventures has launched a groundbreaking new study on marijuana branding in the US. It is scheduled for release in early October 2014. This survey doesn’t simply retrace the familiar knowledge about adoption and usage. While valuable in its appropriate realm, such insights have been publicized by many other survey organizations. Instead the survey is designed to show the shape of “ideal marijuana brand,” as reported from consumers. It will serve as an important guideline to developing marijuana brands in the states that have already approved recreational use, as well as states that soon will.

Show those marijuana customers, and your brand, some respect!

Average marijuana users have gotten a bad reputation, to say the least, and it can muddy the waters of how a recreational pot business should establish its brand.

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