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Oregon Cannabis Sales 2016 Recap

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Oregon 2016 cannabis sales infographic

A Look Back at the Oregon’s Cannabis Industry in 2016

2016 was a solid year for the cannabis industry in Oregon. Data provided by the state’s Department of Revenue indicates legal marijuana generated significantly more tax revenue for the state than expected, at just over $54 million. This revenue came despite some strict regulations that were expected to hamper Oregon’s recreational marijuana far more than it did.

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5 Scary Website Mistakes to Avoid

By | Cannabis Marketing, Cannabis Websites

The digital space is an extremely important channel for businesses today, especially businesses in the cannabis industry. Your website is really your digital storefront so to speak; in many cases it’s the first (or only) touch point many of your customers have with your business.

And because it’s almost Halloween, we thought it may be helpful to explain the importance of having a good website by using some favorite scary movies and shows to help illustrate some common mistakes:

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WA State Cannabis Market Data Round Up

By | Cannabis Businesses, Cannabis Sales Data, Washington Cannabis Industry

The Washington State cannabis industry recently reached its first $60 million month this July. At Canna Ventures, we believe insights-driven branding, strategy, and marketing are all essential to our process for building strong and lasting cannabis brands. With that in mind, this month we compiled some cannabis market data points concerning the state’s top selling producers, processors, retailers, product categories, product types, brands and more, from some of the most trusted resources in the industry.

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3 Mobile Marketing Tips for Cannabis Businesses

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mobile marketing friendly

not mobile marketing friendly

On average today more than half of in-home devices are mobile, and mobile searches and purchases continue to rise. In a recent econsultancy study, businesses surveyed reported an average of 37% of their total digital traffic having come via mobile devices in 2016, up from 31% in 2015.

The following are the three most important mobile tips for cannabis businesses in 2016:

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5 Social Media Basics All Cannabis Businesses Should Follow

By | Cannabis Businesses, Social Media for Cannabis Businesses

Many traditional forms of advertising are unavailable or too costly for many cannabis businesses today. This is perhaps why so many of them have turned to social media to engage with their customers and expand their overall reach. However, many of these businesses are also realizing that just being on social media isn’t enough. You have to go in with a plan in order for your social media efforts to pay off. You also have to pay close attention to what you’re doing every step of the way so that you can make sure you are representing your brand well, and following each channel’s guidelines accordingly.

Social media also isn’t rocket science.

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The 3 Worst Content Strategies for Cannabis Businesses

By | Cannabis Marketing

Most cannabis businesses know the importance of having good quality online content. Your website is your digital storefront. In many cases, it’s your customer’s first (or only) introduction to your brand. Good content is important not only for getting the right customers to your site, but also crucial for getting them to stick around long enough to make a purchase.

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2015’s Cannabis Recap: The Death of the “Stoner”

By | Cannabis Politics, Medical Cannabis, Recreational Cannabis

There’s no denying that 2015 was a monumental year for cannabis, and that the major events of this past year will have an enormous impact on the economic markets, as well as the cultural significance of, legal cannabis for years to come. Here’s a brief summary of a few of the headline catching events of 2015, and how they might affect us all in the year to come.

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