The Challenge: Improve brand awareness in an emerging marketplace for a unique product offering in a timely fashion and with a limited budget that needed to showcase the high quality of the product offerings.

The Results: Canna Ventures has worked closely with Cosmos Xtracts since launching the brand in January 2015, to great success and high sales. We’ve provided brand guidance, research, strategy and design towards an impactful and successful launch. Seizing on this momentum we’ve led the brand into the emerging canna marketplace with more packaging and a new website.


Custom Logo & Icon Design

The Cosmos Xtracts logo and sub-icon set were designed around the brand promise that their process is the most authentic to the natural plant as possible. They offer the cleanest, purest and most unadulterated oil products possible with today’s technology.

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Product Packaging & Design

Cosmos Xtracts offers a wide range of CO2 extracted cannabis oil products that are as close to the natural plant as possible. The packaging needed to be designed in a way that illustrated their unique, quality-control product technique focused on retaining more of the good aspects of the plant (like terpenes) and less of the bad.

The main thought needing to be communicated in the product packaging was their brand promise that they have a simple and straight forward purpose to everything we do: To provide cannabis products that are the most authentic to the natural plant as possible.

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Cosmos Cannabis Website Mockup

Website Design & Consulting

A thorough audit of the clients immediate and future needs were analyzed and structured to include a thoughtful and clean execution for current offerings and instituting needed flexibility for a growing product line. The Cosmos Xtracts website was designed and launched within a month timeframe to effectively introduce an expanded line of product offerings with a strong online presence for attendees at the 4th Annual Marijuana Business Conference & Expo, and to future consumers and investors beyond.

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