Dirt MD Landing Page Mockup

Dirt MD is a family-owned company based in India that harvests a uniquely formulated supplement that makes fertilizer work better. It established its US headquarters in California’s Central Valley, one of the most productive growing regions in the world. Seeing the opportunities in the nascent cannabis industry, the company made it their focus and contacted Canna Ventures to help them get started the right way.

We began by initiating Canna Ventures proprietary Brand Platform process, which consists of three steps:

  • Internal Brand Platform.  Working with the key company executives to develop and agree upon a cohesive and unique brand position.
  • Consumer Research. We then fielded proprietary research with the company’s consumer email list to gauge the appeal of the Internal Brand Platform and better understand what they wanted in the category.
  • Final Brand Platform. Once the research findings were available, we met with the Dirt MD team and aligned the Internal vision with what their consumers were looking for.

The Final Brand Platform positioned the new brand as offering products that boost the power of nutrients to produce a greater yield of a healthier and higher quality crop. The key brand promise was the Dirt MD turns knowledgeable growers into successful ones.

The Platform was then translated into a powerful tagline – For growers who know – that is helping drive awareness and sales throughout Dirt MD’s marketing territory.