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The Trinity Farms team wanted to develop a super-premium marijuana brand that would offer a level of quality that would support a higher price point and be carried in only the best retail shops. Our challenge was to work with this team of highly diverse and strong individuals to arrive at a singular point of view about the brand and develop both a name and website in time for the upcoming Las Vegas industry conference that would begin in less than 2 months.
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Brand Platform Process

The Canna Ventures proprietary Brand Platform process consists of three steps:
1. Internal Brand Platform. Working with the team to develop a cohesive and unique brand position.
2. Consumer Research. Fielding proprietary research to gauge the appeal of the Internal Brand Platform and better understand what consumers wanted in the category.
3. Final Brand Platform. Once the research findings were available, we met with the Trinity Farms team to craft the Final Brand Platform in a way that aligned the internal vision with what consumers were looking for.

Final Brand Platform

The Final Brand Platform positioned the new brand as offering the highest quality exclusive cannabis strains designed to enhance the enjoyment of the things consumers do. This was supported by both the experience of the people who produced and processed the product and the highest level of quality control.

The Platform was then translated into creative briefs that provided the strategies for the name and logo work, as well as the website.

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