After the merger of the four largest cannabis industry non-profits, the new entity, called The Cannabis Alliance, wanted to define a singular point of view for the organization that clearly detailed its mission and which all members would support. They hired Canna Ventures to lead that effort.

We began by initiating the Canna Ventures proprietary Brand Platform process, which consists of three steps:

  • Internal Brand Platform. Working with the designated 10-member brand team to develop a cohesive and unique positioning.
  • Member Research. Fielding proprietary research with current members to gauge the appeal of the Internal Brand Platform and better understand what they wanted from the new, unified organization.
  • Final Brand Platform. Once the research findings were available, we met with The Cannabis Alliance brand team to craft the Final Platform in a way that aligned the internal vision with what members wanted.

The final Cannabis Alliance Brand Platform positioned the organization as dedicated to elevating the overall understanding and appreciation of the industry, primarily through lobbying and education, while helping their members achieve business success.

The key verbiage of the Platform was incorporated into The Cannabis Alliance website, and has served as the strategic foundation of their marketing and membership activities.