Whether they are online or offline, B2B and B2C audiences operate in a multi-channel world. It is essential to integrate digital and offline marketing. Your potential customers are exposed to hundreds of marketing messages a day that cross channels and devices, and it is important to meet them where they are.

Our #1 goal is to enable your brand to connect to and engage with your target audience. Connecting means delivering the right message at the right time in the right place. Whether it’s print, broadcast, digital, direct mail or any other means our team’s passion is your strategic edge.

An effective advertising strategy for any business starts with really knowing your customer. After the market research is conducted and the brand strategy laid out, we select the right channels and tactics. Depending on the target audience the mix of digital and offline media is determined and buys are then placed. Measurement is essential to gauging effectiveness and website analytics are a critical tool.

Our experienced media planners work with each client to determine the best mix of digital and traditional media channels to best promote their product or service. Given that there are limited digital options available with the big networks not always available, media planning in this space requires unique skill and experience.

Whether you want to run a dozen display ads or deploy a large scale display advertising campaign, we will work with your team to develop a display ad strategy that makes sense for your brand. Our media experts will also recommend the right display ad platform to meet the goals of the program.

We’re well versed in the fine points of media research, planning, negotiation and optimization. Each client requires a unique mix that delivers their message to the right audience and the right time and place, and traditional print media is often part of the mix. We will identify the right publications to put your message in front of the right audience.

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