A brand is much more encompassing than the logo, tagline or name. A brand is the promise of what will be delivered or experienced by a customer.

A brand’s position is distinctive. It’s the position a brand embraces in its competitive environment. Done well a marijuana brand’s position ensures that its target market can tell the brand apart from competitors.

A key starting point for any brand is to clarify exactly what it stands for as this provides the strategic foundation for all the brand and marketing work that follows. At Canna Ventures, the approach we use is called the Brand Platform and is based on the premise of aligning the internal Client vision with consumer perceptions to arrive at a singular brand point of view.

It is a three step process that includes internal brand perspectives, external consumer perceptions, and the final platform elements including positioning, audience needs, the key promise, the support for that promise and brand essence.

Canna Ventures brings highly innovative market research to our clients. In addition to traditional research such as focus groups, surveys, concept testing and the like, we also offer emerging disciplines of research. These include ethnographic studies, ideation synectics sessions, semiotic analytic techniques and linguistic analysis. We recommend all our clients consider research to align their branding strategy and marketing efforts with audience expectations.

Our award winning creative team will help create your corporate identity, from naming if you need it, to developing a logo that faithfully captures your brand essence, marketing communications and print materials such as business cards, stationary and marketing collateral.

The brand platform functions as your brand’s True North. The purpose is to ensure alignment of internal values with your engage with current and future customers and stakeholders.

Whether they are online or offline, B2B and B2C audiences operate in a multi-channel world. Connecting means delivering the right message at the right time in the right place. We will collaborate with your team to develop achievable marketing goals and build strategic initiatives to support your business objectives.

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