Search engine optimization is the application of techniques such as effective copywriting, keyword targeting, tagging and inbound link building to improve a website’s visibility and ranking in organic (natural) search engine results. When well executed, SEO improves the volume and quality of visitors to a site. Our SEO experts stay on top of the latest evolution in search algorithms and apply current best practices to optimize rankings for your specific market and attract qualified leads to your website.

A well-configured analytics platform is the necessary first step to collecting and measuring visitor activity on your online properties. Our certified and very experienced team of analytics experts will audit your existing analytics configuration, whether you are using Google Analytics or another platform to collect data on your website, landing page or app visitors. Depending on your goals and key performance indicators, our team will custom configure analytics to capture the data you need to make important business decisions.

Content is at the core of SEO. As with other marketing disciplines an approach needs to be developed that highlights your brand’s attributes through creative execution. To this end we create a keyword driven and target persona-based content calendar to guide our efforts and to showcase your position as an authoritative voice in the community.

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